Loop labels

Produced by Data-Label

our  PE loops are versatile,e.g. for marking E2 boxes, containers or plants.

Einbahnige Schlaufenetiketten


Alle Schlaufenetiketten, even the coloured ones have food law declarations of conformity.

Their use is particularly interesting for the food industry, e.g. butcheries, slaughterhouses or catering companies, i.e. for all areas where the loops have direct contact with food.

Kistenkennzeichnung, auch für den Lebensmittelbereich


Unsere Schlaufenetiketten sind vielseitig anwandbar. Als Basismaterial kommt eine robuste  HDPE Flachfolie (ca 100 µ) zum Einsatz, daher eignen sich unsere Schlaufen auch for outdoor use.

vielseitige Anwendung

White, coloured or pre-printed

Die Schlaufenetiketten sind standardmäßig in den Farben White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange and Green , on request these can be pre-printed.

Geeignet für Thermotransferdruck

Passende Thermotransferbänder finden Sie hier.

passende Thermotransferdrucker

Standard sizes

(other formats on request)

WidthLengthOutside Ø
50248approx. 157mm
65283approx. 168 mm
69381approx. 185 mm
  • 500 labels/roll
  • With punched loop opening
  • Cross perforation after each label
  • Core diameter: approx. 76 mm

4-lane PE loops (head loops)

Food-safe and thermotransfer printable

The head loops are often used in carcass identification and also have a food law declaration of conformity.

They are weatherproof and also suitable for universal application .

Product specification

  • Material/colour: PE 150µ, white
  • 1000 loops/roll Perforation for detaching
  • Width 25 mm, length: 260 mm, 4-lane
  • Material/colour: 150 µ PE white
  • Loop opening approx. 70 mm (hole to notch)
  • Roll core 76 mm
  • 1,000 loops per roll
  • Pre-printed on request