Thermal Transfer Ribbons

For standard application or for printing labels with direct contact to the foodstuff

We offer the following qualities:

Wax quality: Suitable for contour-sharp printing of barcodes, text and graphics on paper and film.

Wax-resin quality: Provides high-resolution printing at high print speeds. It is particularly smudge and scratch resistant. Recommended print media: Paper, coated paper, cardboard, PE, PET, PP, PVC, etc.

Resin quality: Particularly suitable for prints that need to be absolutely scratch and smudge resistant. Recommended print media: coated paper, PE, PET, PP, PVC, etc.

Available standard sizes

QualityWidth x LengthColour black
food-safemm x m 
Wax078 x 230inside
Wax078 x 300outside
Wax-resin076 x 300outside
Wax-resin076 x 400inside
Wax-resin110 x 300outside
Resin060 x 450inside
QualityWidth x LengthColour black
Standard applicationsmm x m 
Wax110 x 450inside
Wax154 x 450inside
Wax110 x 300outside
Wax110 x 076outside
Wax-resin086 x 070outside
Wax-resin154 x 420inside

Other sizes on request