Beef labels

Produced by Data-Label

Beef labels for direct contact with meat

Our beef labels are used as proof of origin in carcass identification. The labels are certified by ISEGA as food-safe and may be in direct contact with the meat. They are characterised by their hohe Klebkraft and moisture resistance. The labels are available with and without Lattice scrim. Despite its strong adhesion, the scrim facilitates the residue-free removal of the labels.

These labels are ideal for thermal transfer printing

Beef labels - use in the slaughterhouse


high adhesive strength - moisture resistant

Lattice scrim facilitates removal without residue

Standard label dimensions

Carcass identification and marking
Identificación y marcado de los cadáveres
Identificatie en markering van karkassen
Identification et marquage des carcasses
Identifizierung und Kennzeichnung von Schlachtkörpern
Identifikation og mærkning af slagtekroppe