Barcode labels printed - 50mm x 33mm

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Discover our printed barcode labels for multiple applications! Upload a file, select a label & fill your shopping cart - easily & efficiently.

Do you want to print personalized EAN labels or SKU label labels for Amazon FBA products, for example? With us you can realize this in a simple and cost-efficient way. Upload your Amazon SKU label effortlessly in the upload section of our website. If you don't have a barcode yet, we recommend you to generate one at the following link: https://barcode.tec-it.com/de/EAN13.

For larger quantities or deviating dimensions, we will be happy to advise you. Contact us by phone at 02224-901720 or by e-mail at info@data-label.de.


Barcode labels offer a variety of uses in different industries and application areas. Here are some SEO optimized examples of barcode label usage:

  1. Efficient warehouse management: Barcode labels enable precise inventory control and tracking of stock items, optimizing warehouse organization.
  2. Fast checkout in retail: Barcodes speed up the checkout process by enabling automatic price determination and inventory updating.
  3. Simplified shipping and logistics processes: Barcode labels facilitate tracking of packages and freight, resulting in a more efficient supply chain.
  4. Accurate inventory: Companies use barcodes to accurately manage fixed assets, equipment and other items, saving time and resources.
  5. Secure access control: Barcodes on tickets or travel passes enable monitoring and control of access to events, sports venues or public transport.
  6. Membership management with barcode membership cards: Gyms, libraries and clubs are turning to barcode labels for effective member identification and management.
  7. Innovative marketing strategies: QR codes, a special type of barcode, direct customers to websites, promotions, or digital content to drive customer engagement.
  8. Healthcare and patient management: Barcodes are used to accurately and securely track and manage patient data, medical specimens, and medications.

The versatility of barcode labels makes them an indispensable technology in numerous other application areas and industries.

The labels are supplied on a roll. Size of a label is standard: 50mm x 33mm

If you have problems with your EAN file please call us anytime at the number:

02224 9017211

Of course, other sizes can be printed upon request.

Quantity labels

100 (50x33mm - printed), 500 (50x33mm - printed), 1000 (50x33mm - printed)

2 reviews for Barcode Etiketten bedruckt – 50mm x 33mm

    T. Hansen
    March 31, 2023
    I created my barcode at the link you mentioned. Worked well. The size of the labels is good and the print quality is top notch as well. I will definitely place my next order soon.
    Marius T.
    March 14, 2023
    I am absolutely thrilled! The quality of the stickers is excellent, they are durable and stick well to my paper packages. I actually use them for my Amazon FBA. The barcodes are clear and easy to read. Therefore, I give them 5 stars.
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