AP360e labels applicators

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Primera's label applicators are the perfect semi-automatic label solution for cylindrical containers as well as conical containers such as bottles, cans, jam jars and tubes.

The new version at Karley - AP360e with *3 years warranty after registration with the manufacturer after purchase within 6 months!

The setting as well as the operation is very easy:

    • Set the guides
    • Place your container in the machine
    • Press the foot switch and the label is applied.
    • Call customer support if you have questions

The AP360e's built-in print arm ensures that labels are applied firmly and without angles (corners).
With the AP-series label applicator, you will be able to work faster and more accurately. Thanks to higher working speed, you can produce and sell more products.
Apply labels quickly and accurately, with an AP label applicator speeds up to 1200 labels per hour have been achieved in the lab. Labels are applied without wrinkles and give your product a professional look.

The AP series label applicators are an ideal complement to Primera LX or CX label printers. Of course, you can also use them without a Primera printer with most OFFSET labels or other pre-printed labels.

There are 2 models

AP360e is the basic model. It quickly and effectively applies individual labels to your containers.

AP362e is the larger model with more capabilities. It can apply one or two different labels to a container at the same time. A built-in LED counter and memory for up to nine label presets are included.

If you have flat containers, Primera now offers the AP550e label applicator.


    • Simple setup and operation
    • Accurate application of labels on the front side (AP360e)
      or front and rear (Model: AP362e only) with variable distance
    • Fast - labels can be applied at approx. (135 mm) per second, which means up to 1200 containers per hour depending on the label
    • Compact dimensions - fits on almost any table
    • Professional design - one of the only semi-automatic label applicators with UL, CSA and FCC safety and emissions certifications
    • Built for industrial use - extra heavy duty for durability.

Suitable for:

  • Bottles (label / labels on bottles)
  • Cans (spices, drinks...)
  • Jars (jams, sweets...)
  • Tubes (silicone, glue...)
  • Attach labels

How many labels can the Primera AP360e apply per hour?

"Fast production: 135 mm/s - this corresponds to labeling up to 1200 containers per hour," says the data sheet, and of course this also depends decisively on the size of the containers and labels. But the 135 mm/s are fixed and what this means for normal 0.5L drinking bottles, Primera has now published in a short film! You can see the film as the last video - at the pictures above this description.

Important note

The pliability / flexibility / stiffness of the label also plays a role. If the label is too pliable, regardless of thickness, this can be the cause of wrinkling or it will not release from the liner when it comes to the release edge. Polypropylene, polyester and vinyl labels tend to be more flexible than paper labels. If you are unsure if the label is too flexible, we recommend testing this before you decide to purchase a label stock or labeler.

Important data to note:

Strength of the face material and adhesive: 127 µ – 381 µ

Thickness of the backing material: 50,8 µ - 254 µ (smoothness of the material influences the feeding - a substrate which is too smooth or too thin can slip through the drive rollers)

Thickness of the label material: 5 mil – 15 mil

Container width: 25.4 mm to 238 mm (length or max. height of e.g. bottles)

Your material can be wrapped outside or inside - the important thing is the thickness! Have it tested free of charge at Karley!

We test for you whether the AP360e is suitable for your products - via video conference

At Karley, we have tested thousands of products with Primera applicators for our customers. You send us your products - as they are to be labeled and also a residual label roll. If you use our label material, of course we don't need any labels from you, just a size specification for the labels and which material. Our technicians will then take your products, place them in the applicators and shoot a small film for you. Alternatively, we can then arrange a short video conference with you so that you can see live how your products are tested. This way we can make sure that this combination is suitable for you and our experienced technicians may also see directly what problems might occur and what solution we have for you. However, please contact us first with a picture, dimensions and weights of your labels. Since we have already tested many products, we can often already give information without this test.

1 review for AP360e Etiketten Applikatoren

    Monika A. Franke
    March 16, 2023
    Ich bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem AP360e Etiketten Applikator. Es hat mir viel Zeit und Mühe gespart und meine Produktivität gesteigert, denn es war davor echt viel Arbeit, die Etiketten alle per Hand anzubringen. Der Applikator ist robust und hat eine gute Qualität. Ich würde es auf jeden Fall jedem empfehlen, der regelmäßig Etiketten aufträgt. Für ein kleines Unternehmen sehr gut geeignet.
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