Adhesive labels

Produced by Data-Label

In this area, Data-Label offers pre-cut adhesive labels for Thermodirekt- und Thermotransferdrucker an. Die selbstklebenden Papieretiketten werden wahlweise mit permanentem, ablösbarem oder Tiefkühlkleber hergestellt. Neben den Papieretiketten produzieren wir auch öl- wasser- und witterungsbeständige  Haftetiketten aus Kunststoff.


Paper labels

These inexpensive, pre-cut adhesive paper labels are used for product and warehouse labelling and in the logistics sector. The thermal transfer printing enables a brilliant print image.

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Direct thermal paper labels

These are also used in the logistics sector and for product labelling. Printing is done with a direct thermal printer. The thermo-sensitive surface of the thermal labels enables printing without additional colour ribbons.
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Plastic labels

These pre-cut PE or PET roll adhesive labels are characterised by their oil, water, weather resistance and durability . Accordingly, these labels are used for product labelling in outdoor and deep-freeze areas. Printing is done with thermal transfer technology.

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Thermosensitive PE-Etiketten

Thermosensitive PE labels

These PE labels have the same quality properties as the plastic labels, but have a thermo-sensitive surface that ensures printing without thermal transfer ribbons For printing we use a direct thermal printer .
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PET-Etiketten-Bögen 210×296 mm

PET label sheets 210×296 mm

Self-adhesive labels for Colour laser printer in various formats with excellent colour reproduction. These are very robust plastic labels for indoor and outdoor use.  They are weatherproof and adhere to glass, cardboard, metal and plastic.

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QuickFix – Haftetiketten 100×40 mm

QuickFix – Adhesive labels 100×40 mm

Perfect solution for box labelling. These self-adhesive labels stick immediately and, thanks to an adhesive-free tab, can be removed easily and residue-free .

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