Meat labels

Produced by Data-Label

Our focus is on food-safe Etiketten. In diesem Bereich finden Sie Etiketten für den FOOD-BEREICH, welche über entsprechende lebensmittelrechtliche Konformitätserklärungen verfügen und in direktem Kontakt zu Fleisch verwendet werden dürfen.


Our beef labels are used as proof of origin in carcass labelling. Adhesive and paper have been tested for food safety and may be in direct contact with meat. Our thermal transfer printable labels are characterised by their high adhesive strength and moisture resistance.

Loop labels

Our PE loops are provided with punched key holes and notches and can thus be used as loops for adhesive-free labelling. All our PE box loops, both white and coloured, are food safe.

Meat inserts

Our meat inserts serve as proof of origin for beef and are inserted inside the meat bag. Our high-quality HDPE film is food-safe, antistatic and can be printed on both sides using thermal transfer. Meat inserts are offered as a continuous roll when using a printer cutter or perforated for easy separation.

We are currently looking for resellers for our products. If you are interested, please contact us.