Plastic loop labels: Why they are a smart choice

Are you faced with a mountain of products that you want to label quickly and easily? Then plastic loop labels are the easiest solution. In this blog post you will learn what loop labels are, why they are particularly practical in plastic and how and where they can be used.

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What are loop labels?

Loop labels are strips of material that are formed into a loop. The strips are usually made of paper or plastic. You can find loop labels in different sizes and colours. The labels are mostly used to mark objects and can be provided with a text or code to identify the respective goods. Compared to other labels, they have the advantage that they do not have to be glued, but can simply be tied around an object as a loop. If you work in the food, textile or electrical industry, loop labels are the optimal solution for labelling your goods.

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Why are plastic loop labels useful?

If you are looking for loop labels for your business, be sure to look at plastic loop labels. These are a good choice for several reasons. For one, these labels are usually available in a variety of colours and sizes. They are easy to print and write on and are versatile.

In addition, plastic loop labels are more robust and tear-resistant than paper loop labels. Especially when the labels get dirty or are exposed to moisture, they are more resistant than paper loop labels. Therefore, plastic labels are suitable for just about any industry.

Plastic loop labels are also super practical when it comes to attaching them to objects. As they do not need to be glued, they can be attached quickly and easily. This saves you effort and time!

Although loop labels that are made of plastic are not really environmentally friendly at first glance, this does not necessarily have to be the case, because there are often labels that are made of recycled plastic or are recyclable. In addition, the labels can often be reused, which is why you can avoid buying new ones and thus travel more sustainably.

What are the advantages of plastic loop labels?

Loop labels that are made of plastic have several advantages. Because they are made of plastic, they are weather-resistant, robust and also resistant to abrasion. If they get dirty, they can be easily cleaned with a cloth so that the information on the label becomes legible again. Since the labels are durable and can be applied quickly, they also save you money.

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How can plastic loop labels be applied?

No matter what industry you work in, plastic loop labels can be used in many ways. If you work in the textile industry, you can use the labels to mark your garments and textiles. 

Loop labels are also popular in the retail sector. These labels can be provided with various information such as prices and barcodes. Plastic loop labels are also used in warehousing, logistics or the meat industry. By attaching them to the outside of cartons, E2 boxes or crates, they allow the contents of the goods to be recorded quickly and easily at a glance.

Loop labels can also be used for labelling electrical appliances. Beyond labelling, loop labels enable the traceability of your products and the monitoring of your stock.

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If you need loop labels for your business, for example for labelling your E2 boxes, take a look at our HDPE loop labels, in our shop. Our loop labels are high quality, recyclable and food safe, which is why they are also suitable for the food industry. We offer the labels in several colours, dimensions and quantities. You can simply write on the loop labels with a sharpie or have them printed with a thermal transfer printer. You can find a suitable thermal transfer printer in our online shop. In addition, the labels are tear-resistant because they are made of a robust film and are resistant to oils and greases. Since our HDPE loop labels are good value for money, you can label your goods cost-effectively and keep an overview in the warehouse.

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Data-Label Plant Loop Labels Plastic

In addition to the normal plastic loop labels, there are also plant loop labels that have been specially developed for the horticultural and plant industries. If you want to label plants with their name, planting date or place of origin, plastic plant loop labels are the perfect solution for you. The labels can be easily attached around the stem of the plant or to the plant stake. Plastic plant loop labels are much more recommendable than those made of paper. Conditions such as weather or weather to which plants are exposed, plastic can withstand.

So if you're looking for good plastic plant loop labels, take a look at our HDPE plant loop labels from Data-Label. HDPE is a thermoplastic and durable plastic. The material is known for good hardness and resistance to moisture. HDPE labels are tough, so you don't have to worry about breakage and deformation. Our HDPE plant loop labels are not only robust, but also UV-resistant, 100% recyclable and food-safe. You can simply write on the labels by hand or print them with a thermal transfer printer.

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Main features of the Data-Label loop labels

  •       Quick attachment
  •       No gluing
  •       Versatile applicable
  •       Robust & Tearproof
  •       Abrasion resistant
  •       Resistant
  •       Waterproof & oil resistant
  •       Smudge-proof
  •       Food safe
  •       Recyclable
  •       Easy to label and print

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