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You are active in the food industry and would like to label your products? Then you have come to the right place. Food labels are used to identify your food, they must be informative and should be designed in a visually appealing way. Why food labels are useful, which properties they have to fulfil and where you can have food labels printed, you can find out here in our blog post.

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What are food labels?

As the name suggests, food labels are stickers that are affixed to food packaging to provide important information about the product. They are made from materials that are safe for food and therefore must not contain harmful chemicals. Food labels can be made of different materials.

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Why are food labels important?

Food labels are useful for several reasons. In most countries, food producers as well as traders are required by law to provide certain information about the products on the labels. It doesn't matter whether you produce cheese, meat, vegetables or jam. The legally required information includes, for example, origin, best-before date, allergens or nutritional values. Food labels must therefore provide consumers with the most important information about the food. By enabling your customers to read the most important information on the label, labels contribute to transparency. This enables consumers to better assess the origin, quality or intolerances of a product.

Food labels are not only a source of information, but can also be important for marketing purposes. Through labels you can present and promote your products. First impressions often count when buying and many people decide to buy a product if the packaging is nicely designed. Therefore, visually appealing food labels support the marketing of your products and can encourage consumers to buy. A beautiful look can attract attention and create recognition.

What properties must food labels fulfil?

Unlike other labels, food labels must meet certain requirements. For example, the labels must be food-safe and must not influence the quality or taste of the respective food. The label must adhere well to the packaging and must not become illegible so that the information content of the stickers is not lost. The packaging of the food may only be printed from the outside.

Label requirements can vary depending on the food product. Therefore, be sure to find out the label requirements for your particular product before having the food labels printed.

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Why have food labels printed?

When you have your food labels printed, this brings several advantages. Firstly, you can customise your design and the information provided. You can have the stickers designed according to your wishes so that they fit you and your brand.

When you have your food labels printed, you have the advantage of being able to order a large quantity right away. Companies like Data-Label that print your food labels can do this quickly and efficiently, which is why in most cases you will receive your order after a short time. This saves you effort and costs and you can do without manual labelling.

Where to print food labels?

Have you decided to have your food labels printed? Then you are now faced with a choice of places and companies that can do the job for you. There are online printing companies where you can have your labels printed. However, it is best to have food labels printed by a specialist label manufacturer as they have more experience and can usually offer the best quality.

We Data-Label, specialise in the production of labels, including food labels, and can therefore fulfil your individual wishes and requirements. Unlike other suppliers, our print quality is significantly better. Not only do we offer cost-effective food label printing, but we can also help you with the design. If you need a label but don't know how to design it, you have come to the right place. If you have questions about what information and details belong on the food label, you can also use our legally compliant advisory service. This is particularly important for food labels, as some legal regulations must be complied with. Our comprehensive service sets us apart from other label manufacturers and printers.

Printing food labels at Data-Label

If you would like to have your food labels printed by us, it's easy to do so here online on our website. If you have already created a label design, you can upload it in our shop under Product Upload. Then select the desired quantity and type of paper and send the order. We will send you the food labels within a short delivery time.

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Food Label Printing Overview

  • Food labels must provide consumers with the most important information about the product
  • The information that labels must contain is laid down by law
  • Attractively designed labels can also create an incentive to buy
  • When you have your food labels printed you save time and effort
  • It is advisable to have the labels printed by a specialised label manufacturer
  • Data-Label prints your labels according to your wishes and offers full advice including design service and legally compliant advice
  • At Data-Label you can have the stickers printed online cheaply and quickly

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